Photos by Dallas Wilson & Mike Ward
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We are extremely optimistic that we will make a strong comeback from our disastrous start at the 2023 March meet,which we did not qualify for. We misjudged a problem we were having and it threw a wrench in our plans for our third March Meet win. We will campaign the re-certified Rob Stirling chassis for the remaining 2023 season wrapped in the Black and Gold John Player themed race car. The 377 cubic inch Small Block Chevrolet will continue to be the powerplant that our driver Adam Sorokin will have to match his consistent low reaction times that have provided the Champion Car the reputation it has today. Crew chief Tony Bernardini will have us laser focused for the remaining races this year along with the stellar Champion Speed Shop crew. The competition is hitting a new high within the Top Fuel Category, we’ll have our work cut out for us. Thank you for the support The McLennan Family